PENTACRU – Fuel Consumption Test (PFCT)


Fuel flow monitoring is a watchdog on engine performance

For Example if the GPH increases from what we’ve already determined to be an efficient operating level, we’ll know something’s wrong…. a nicked prop, fouled hull, clogged injector, engine problem, etc. Even something as simple as a defective injector can up the fuel consumption by 20% – 40% with no obvious change in engine operation.

Peak Fuel Efficiency

Accurate fuel consumption and speed data of the boat will allow us to determine peak of the fuel efficiency

As shown in the diagram, peak fuel efficiency changes constantly according to sea conditions, boat characteristic, trim tab setting, and weight load/distribution.

By fuel flow monitoring, we can pin point the engine speed that will cover the most ground with the least amount of fuel consumed under any load or operating condition.

Result of the Fuel Consumption Test Can be used as:

  • Monitoring of vessel’s engine condition and its performance
  • Bench marking of the parameter flow rate used for fuel consumption calculation in the AVTS (Automatic Vehicles and Tracking System)
  • Audit performance for the contractual requirement
  • Benchmarking of the fuel consumption rate on each individual boat